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Southern Texas PGA

George Hannon Scholarship

To date the Association has distributed over $600,000 worth of secondary education scholarships through the Southern Texas PGA Foundation. Administered by the STPGA Foundation and supported by the Hannon Cup Association, merit based scholarships are awarded each year to deserving boys and girls. The Hannon Cup Association feels very strongly about the scholarship program and the George Hannon Scholarship is currently the largest scholarship awarded through the STPGA Foundation. To apply or for more information about the George Hannon Scholarship or any of the other scholarships offer through the STPGA Foundation please visit the South Texas PGA Website here.

The George Hannon USGA Scholarship

The George Hannon USGA Scholarship awards every junior golfer from the Austin area who qualifies for a USGA Championship a $750 travel stipend to play in the USGA event.

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