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The 27th Hannon Cup Matches 

October 23-24, 2023

**Venue Announcement Coming Soon**

The 26th Hannon Cup Matches 

Driftwood Golf & Ranch Club

October 24-25, 2022

Fourball Matches


Taylor Funk & Tayler Termeer vs Steven Bright & Kris Devlin – Professionals 3&2


Fred Funk & Marc Gerst vs Trent Redfern & Seth Stuart – Professionals 5&3


Darek Franklin & Tye Grissom vs Austin Cotton & Drew Stubbs – Amateurs 4&3


Lonny Alexander & Ryan Hodge vs Michael Connell & Nick Raffaele – Professionals 4&3


Rufus Brijalba & Gilbert Mendez vs Tim Hamm & Stuart Wallace – Professionals 1 up


Omar Uresti & Marko Lloyd vs Josh Swanson & Creighton Honeck – Amateurs 1 up


Professionals lead 4-2


Foursome Matches


Fred Funk & Taylor Funk vs Trent Redfern & Seth Stuart – Professionals 5&4


Tayler Termeer & Gilbert Mendez vs Austin Cotton & Kris Devlin – Professionals 4&3


Tye Grissom & Rufus Brijalba vs Michael Connell & Nick Raffaele – Amateurs 8&7


Dared Franklin & Marc Gerst vs Steven Bright & Drew Stubbs – Amateurs 1 up


Lonny Alexander & Ryan Hodge vs Creighton Honeck & Josh Swanson – Professionals 4&3


Marko Lloyd & Omar Uresti vs Tim Hamm & Stuart Wallace – Professionals 1 up


Professionals lead 8-4


Singles Matches


Taylor Funk vs Creighton Honeck – Amateur 4&2


Fred Funk vs Tim Hamm – Amateur 2&1


Ryan Hodge vs Steven Bright – Professional 2 up


Lonny Alexander vs Austin Cotton – Professional 2&1


Marc Gerst vs Josh Swanson – Amateur 5&4


Rufus Brijalba vs Kris Devlin – Amateur 5&4


Marko Lloyd vs Stuart Wallace – Professional 3&2


Tye Grissom vs Michael Connell – Amateur 1 up


Darek Franklin vs Nick Raffaele – All Square


Gilbert Mendez vs Trent Redfern – All Square


Omar Uresti vs Seth Stuart – Professional 4&3


Tayler Termeer vs Drew Stubbs – Professional 5&4


Professionals win 14-10

Professional team.22.jpg

Past Winners of The Hannon Cup

Team Wins
Amateur: 14
Professional: 12

Started in 1997, the Ryder Cup format event is played as a tribute to Coach Hannon. The brain child of Mark Coward, then Head Professional at Great Hills Country Club and Brent Buckman, then Director of Golf at Barton Creek Country Club and Resort. The event served as a testament to Coach, filled with strong competition, fellowship and fun.

The event is comprised of two teams of 14 players. The teams play three 18 hole match play events over two days, earning points for their team with each win or tie. One team represents the top golf professionals and the second team represents the top male amateurs in the Austin metro area.

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