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Ella Gomillion

Ella Gomillion is a graduate of Regents School of Austin, class of 2022, and is currently finishing up her freshman year at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in a pursuit of a Bachelor of Science Nursing Degree. In high school, Ella participated in a number of activities including varsity sports (golf, volleyball and swimming), and served in leadership with the Travis County 4H. Her diversity of interests has continued to grow in Knoxville as she has participated in Young Life, intramural sports, greek life and holds a job at a local golf course.

Ella credits her determination to succeed academically, socially and spiritually to growing up in a family of golf professionals. She believes golf to be part of her family fiber, part of what makes them unique. Her grandfather was a golf professional (Lifetime Member of the PGA), her dad is a golf professional (Lifetime Member of the PGA), and her mom was a golf professional (one of the first female members of the STPGA Section). As part of this legacy, Ella is thankful and proud to have grown up attending and working at a golf camp that her grandfather, Joe Balander and Coach Hannon started together in the 1970s.

She has expressed a sincere appreciation for the support of the Hannon Cup Association and finds The George Hannon Scholarship quite special and sentimental due to her close family friendship with the Hannons.

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