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Hunter McDonough

Hunter McDonough.jpg

I strive to learn as much as I can about the game but most importantly the mental side of the game.  Golf is a lot like life.  You get knocked down but you have to pick yourself up and not dwell on the negatives.  I believe in developing leadership qualities and that if a person is well grounded, it leads to more productivity.  Being more productive is beneficial in all facets of life; a better friend, a better team mate, a better student, a better son, and a better Christian.  I hope these are the reasons why I was selected for the Westlake Leadership Council and being named co-captain of the Golf Team.  We have won the State Championship the last 3 years in a row and we were going for our 4th title this year and then the Coronavirus hit.  I told our team that there is a reason for this and that if we keep a positive attitude, everything will work out for the best.  Maybe it is to better prepare ourselves for the Collegiate level in that we all have more to prove.

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