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Michaela Francisco

I was born in Ottawa, Canada and have moved quite frequently. I spent my middle school in three different states (North Carolina, Utah, and Texas). My grandpa introduced me to golf when I was 7 years old. As the years went by, my interest in the sport gradually increased. I participated in the First Tee for many years and ever since, golf has been a huge part of my life. No matter where I moved, I always had golf. I decided to commit to golf when I entered into high school. I’m so glad I participated in STPGA, City of Austin, and high school golf tournaments. They gave me an opportunity to improve my golf game, meet new people, and learn from everyone I’ve been paired with. My experience in high school golf was a crazy, difficult, but overall, an amazing one. Despite bad scores and other setbacks along the way, I used them as an opportunity to work hard. I’ll never forget my experience of making a hole-in-one at Lions Golf Course’s #15 or the time I made an eagle at Yaupon Golf Course’s #2. However, what I’m really going to take out of my experience in high school golf is the amazing people and teammates I have gotten to meet, and everything I’ve learned from them.

I am a senior from Lake Travis High School, a member of National Honor Society and graduating in the top 2% of my class. I will be studying at Cal Poly and got admitted into their Honors Program. My major is Business Administration and I plan to minor in Biotechnology. I am certain I will be able to use the skills I have gained from golf in college. Though my high school experience is soon coming to an end, I look forward to starting a new chapter.

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