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Linnea O'Donnell

Linnea O'Donnell is a senior at James Bowie High School, participating in PALS (peer assistance service and leadership), National Honor Society, International Thespian Society, and Bowie Buddies. PALS is Linnea's favorite activity, as it let's her be a friend and mentor to 4 kids at local elementary schools. Linnea was chosen to be a member of the program for both her junior and senior years. She is so appreciative for the opportunity to work with children and the community alike because it has introduced her to many compassionate, honest, empathetic and kind people. Bowie Buddies has also been exceptionally rewarding for Linnea. In Bowie Buddies, each member is paired up with a special needs peer. Throughout the year, Linnea and her buddy would correspond through hand-written notes and their weekly lunch date. Bowie Buddies helps cultivate an inclusive and welcoming student body and Linnea is humbled and appreciative to have been apart of Buddies for her Senior year. 

Linnea is attending Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, pursuing a degree in Television Writing and Production and Business. Through her writing and media, she wants to make a positive impact on society by displaying a positive world, while entertaining and educating her audience.

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